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Mise à jour publié par OKCinfo Justice Initiative Le Jun 30, 2021

For the moment we do not know how much we will have to pay for our defense in the French trial.

In Belgium, thanks to the kindness of our lawyer, we have been able to set up a collective defense for an exceptionally low amount of 40,000 €, which amounts to 10,000 per stage of the trial in Belgium.
(1st trial 2016, appeal, appeal at the court of appeal of the civil parties, 2ᵉ trial 2020, Appeal of the defendant in progress)
In France we do not yet have visibility on the costs that this will generate, but we estimate that the total will be higher than in the Belgian case.

We will therefore proceed in stages and try to raise as much money as possible in the spirit that any surplus would go to the needs of the Justice initiative, whether it be communication needs, psych support and obviously paying our various lawyers in France.

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