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Mise à jour publié par Permana SDK Le Apr 30, 2021

i already reach then funds i needed, but still cant bring him to vet yet because of new regulation here, the rule is simple yet scary, on fasting time a family or anyone cant go back to their homeland or travel between province, or land or they will get into the jail for 10years or pay fine around $1000, the vet doesn't want to take the risk to pay fine for breaking the rule.

Like what i said i already reach the funds but i dont know how to close this fundraising so i stop it. Will find out later tonight. Thank you for all of your help until now, i'll update more after i bring Kuroo to vet. In here and in twitter.

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Mise à jour publié par Permana SDK Le Mar 18, 2021

This is Kuroo condition lately


Im not bring him to vet yet because i think it will be good if i colected all the funds first so i dont have to go back and forth the petshop, the transportation's quite expensive.

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Mise à jour publié par Permana SDK Le Mar 01, 2021

Yesterday i've received $26.09 and im using it to buy anti lice powder, food, some cat treats, and aromatic herbal cat collars anti ticks and flea for $15.6. Buying 2 hand sanitizer for $1.2 and on the way home i see someone selling 3 rolls of tissue in roadside for $1.5

I bought 3 packs. Im using a little bit for buying ice tea because its really hot yesterday 👉👈, and the rest of it was used for transportation. Thank you for sharing 🙏 i pry for your health and hope you gain more wealth.

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Mise à jour publié par Permana SDK Le Feb 11, 2021

im sorry for late update, you can get more info here, https://twitter.com/MizuShinyu/status/135905607441... Yesterday i bring Kuro to a vet, for full check and grooming because he has alot of fleas on his body and its a little bit hard for me to clean it myself. I go to pet shop at morning they doesnt like the idea to take a video while grooming him. I was waiting but they took him to closed room for staff only, im just worried that Kuro might get angry but they said not to worry and told me to come back at noon.

When i come back at noon, i thought my badluck strike was gone but its actually a no, im loosing my one and only shoes 😂😂 R.I.P my shoes. Seems like i needed some glue.

And this is Kuro after bath, yep he's clean, but there's still some fleas i see on his foot but no worries i clean it myself.

Most of the money i received, used for the transportation and used for buying his food. I try to buy this at first but he doesnt like it,

He like the re-pack version more, so i buy alot of it,

I also buy lot of this treat, sometimes i found there is only 2 left on my table 😓

Thats all for now, and im sorry i cant provide you with a bills from the petshop, cause im not receive any, already ask too but still doesnt get it. And for yesterday it just ended up on grooming him, they told me to come back again after 3 days for a check up and vaccine.

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Mise à jour publié par Permana SDK Le Feb 01, 2021

i received $938.66 from external campaign and $5 here. You can check it here https://twitter.com/MizuShinyu/status/135585622541...

Thank you for all the help, thank you for becoming our Hero 🙏🙏 I'll update again after i bring Kuro to the vet.

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