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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le May 10, 2022

As many of you know, the house of the cats is a container. It is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. So I bought polystyrene and will put it on the walls.

I asked 3 person, how much they want for work like this and all of them told me around 5000 euros. That is too much. So I decided to do it myself.

Inside I already finished with the primer and began to paint outside also. The polystyrene will be inside, for outside I have different plans.

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Jul 28, 2021

He survived the anal protrusion surgery, but she could not survive parvo. :(

Maria, a woman who feed inside the cemetery found him at the main gate last week and brought him to me, because she had no money to take her to the vet.

I put a photo of the bill, if you can help to pay, please do it. ( the four chip and health books are for 4 cats who will move to the shelter )(I already took many cats for chip)

We did everything what was possible to save him and he did not want to give up either. He was super friendly and very talkative little kitty, who wanted to live so much!

Rest in Peace little one!

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Jul 26, 2021

Update on the shelter. The photo was taken last Thursday. The guys put the net on the place and if everything ok the cats begin to move in this week. :) But of course I still have to fix up the place.

Yesterday and today they have the hardest job, cover the top with net. As soon as possible I bring you new photos.

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Jul 06, 2021

Morning feeding.

I always forget I have a youtube account, where it is easier to upload videos, than here.

Today morning around 30 - 35 cats showed up for breakfast.

They are my usual visitors. Most of them stay around all day, some of them just goes to eat and walk away.

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Jul 05, 2021

We are building a shelter. The land is cleaned by a tractor and three shipping containers arrived.

One for storage, one for us to live in and one for the cats. ( on the picture) ( I don't know why turned the picture )

The land has its own water and we already bought generator for electricity, so we can take the water out. We ordered many trees, too and planning to order more, so and the cats and we will have shade.

Next step is the fencing. Tomorrow we have a meeting with a man to talk about it. We are really running out if money, so we have to figure out the cheapest, but still safe way to be able to continue.

We found used aluminium windows and doors, too, waiting the man to put them in.

So you can see we are really busy. We have full time job, too, and trying to make the life of the cats better.

I hope we succeed. We put everything in this project, even my heritage. ( my mother died 2 month ago.) But I think she could be proud of me if she see, what we di for the cats. She loved animals as much as I do.

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Mar 02, 2021

Look the leg. It is "rotten". :(

At first I listened about him from Krista Keski-Heikkilä and after Georgia Kyprianou. Thank you ladies. I know he is wild and he disappear between the graves, if he feels danger. One time Krista and me looked for him there and I went alone also, because he never ever showed up when I fed the cats. I was hopping to find his favourite place and trap him there.

But today Krista came and told me he was at the main gate. I grabbed pate and we went to catch him. I tricked him with the pate and was able to catch him. Called my vet and Krista took him there. ( I went back to work )

I will ask my vet again what he has, I forgot the word, but who remembers the bleeding ear cat it is the same. But his got terrible infected. Vet cleaned the wound, gave him the treatment for this plus for worms and fleas, too. And he got neutered, too. He will spend a month with me, will be on antibiotic treatment and I have to put cream for his wound every day two times. I have no idea how I will manage that. He is huuuuge. Nearly 6 kg and quiet wild. So wish me luck, please.

And if you can, please help me with his vet bill. ( photo in the post )


Forgot to mention photos were taken by Georgia Kyprianou

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Feb 04, 2021

A cat from the main gate was taken to the vet. On the picture you can see her yellowish skin color. Without treatment she had no chance. She has bartonella. She will spend all weekend at the vet.

I just got the update: she is feeling little better. Finger crossed she will survive.

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Jan 18, 2021

Sorry I was not active here, but I was very busy. I will try and bring more and more update here, too, not just on Facebook, because a lot going on.

She did not make it. :( Rest in peace little one!

She was abandoned at the cemetery not long time ago with other kitties. Yesterday I tried to catch her, when I got the other kitties, but I could not. She was very alerted and run away. I could not even go near to her.

So I took the other 4 kitties ( update later ) and left. Today when I went to feed them I could not find her. She was laying in her bed and I could listen on her breathing something was very wrong. I took her to the vet. What we could see she had pneumonia, even the xray was not very good, because she moved. For further tests we had no time. :(

The vet did not charge for her anything! Thank you!

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Dec 22, 2020

I think I forgot to share here many updates. Please, forgive me, but there is a huge problem at the cemetery with parvo and bartonella.

First picture is Kalua, who was abandoned at the cemetery, when she was a small baby. She will travel to Germany in January and from there my friend Sabine will take her to Switzerland, where a family is waiting her.

On the second picture the boy, who fought a week against parvo and anemia, but unfortunately he lost. :(

I paid Kalua's sterelization, tests, passport, so she can fly in January, bought 24 good worming pill for small cats and the other bill is for the kitty, who was with parvo at the vet, but unfortunately passed away.

I ordered disinfectants to spray at the cemetery for parvo and for the flees!!!

In 11 - 12 years I had no so much problem with bartonella, than now. Spot ons are not enough, the ground must be sprayed!

I ordered a huge bottle antibiotic, only this one will cost 110 euros, to be able to treat more and more cats in the cemetery, too, because they are infecting the other colonies, parking and main gate, too.

In January, when vaccination is back want to order minimumn 150, too, to vaccinate the cats at the cemetery!

Please, who can donate, do it!!! The cats need your help!!! I can't do it alone!

Please, share my fundraiser to reach more people! The cats need serious help!!!!

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Mise à jour publié par Gabriella Bus Le Dec 08, 2020

Kaula was abandoned at the cemetery with her brother.

When Sabine contacted me from Germany telling me she has an adopter for a black, fluffy kitty, I thought Kaula will be perfect. She is beautiful, super friendly and super sweet. So I took photos and send it to Sabine to send to the family. And they loved her.

Soon her passport process will begin, she will be sterelized and if everything goes well in January she will fly to her new family. They named her Kaula.

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