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Mise à jour publié par Rishi Kz Le Jan 14, 2021

Hi Guys!

Thank you so much for your patience over past couple of weeks as I was issuing all the refunds & receipts individually! It was intentional to release this video 2 weeks after the previous video because I wanted majority of y’all to have received your funds back alongside Stripe’s official receipt!

This will be the final update & the last time I ever speak on this case because everything has come to an end & that includes in legal ways as well. It’s been such a journey & I always say this but… I genuinely thank each & every one of you for coming forward. Till this day, it’s still shocking to me as to how this entire campaign turned out within just a couple of days. Amazing.

After releasing the previous video, there were also doubts, responses & couple assumptions from both ends of the spectrum! I didn’t want to just leave things hanging from the previous video so I’ve given more clarity & answered a few curious questions which was being asked quite a few times hahaha.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported me one way or another throughout this entire campaign. I can’t be more thankful & appreciative for your support. This will definitely go down in the books of “Rishi’s Flashbacks” when I decide to make a video of my journey in the upcoming years hahaha.

For the last time,


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Mise à jour publié par Rishi Kz Le Jan 07, 2021

I think we’re all pretty much aware that the case has come to an end & I’ll like to take this time to once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank each & every one of you who came forward to assist me during the Crowdfunding. I’m extremely appreciative of it!

With the case being done, I’ve also took the week to fully refund all 1108 backers for this entire campaign. I’ve covered GoGetFunding & Stripe’s fees which came up to $2067.05 on my own so as to ensure you will receive exactly what you donated without any other form of dollars being deducted.

You should be receiving an official receipt from Stripe in your inbox with the email you used to donate through GoGetFunding. I've attached an image & details from Stripe official link below for reference!

Instead of donating the money to other form of charities or causes, I personally made this decision to refund the money because the money was raised on a mistook technicality. I don’t feel right even donating the money because deep down I have this “one of a kind feeling” that it’s on the wrong foot & isn’t right for me to do so thus returning the money would be the best decision.

Once again, I cannot be more thankful and appreciative to everyone for helping me when I raised this issue to the public. Trust me, it made a HELL lot of a difference to everything.

I will also be making a video to not only show the backend of Stripe’s refund page but to address certain questions regarding the final outcome & decisions which I made along the entire case.

I hope all of you have a blessed new year ahead of you!



Stripe's Backend Refund Section.

Stripe's Official Receipt. (Censored Sensitive Information)

Stripe's Official Refund Documentation - - https://stripe.com/docs/refunds


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Mise à jour publié par Rishi Kz Le Dec 31, 2020

To all my dear backers - THANK YOU.

In recent times, this case has gone out of the public eye into full legal matters & there's been tons of exchanges between both Leapvista & myself through our lawyers. There was a period of time where I couldn't update anything on social media or any platforms due to ongoing legal discussions up until Leapvista suggested we have a face-to-face meeting alongside our lawyers.

In this video, I explain everything that's been going on & clarify facts of the case of where both points of views were coming into play. Additionally, there hasn't been any form of lawsuits involved till date which also means none of the crowdfunding money was used for my personal legal fees.

Keeping in mind the crowdfunding agenda was to fight a lawsuit, I will officially be refunding the full amount as per what you donated in a separate video in just a couple of days! I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took their time & effort to help me in whatever way you did. I can't be more thankful & appreciative for everything!

Here's to starting the new year fresh. Cheers!

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Mise à jour publié par Rishi Kz Le Nov 23, 2020

To my dear backers - Thank you for your patience! Here's the full update video covering all aspects of the Money & more! –

I understand that there's been random rumours floating around & this video will clear any doubts which may have surfaced on your end. Best believe, I will be 100% responsible & accountable for every single cent raised through this fund & will continue to keep y'all updated to the best of my ability!

Legal discussions are currently ongoing & it's a long process. I have to make prioritized & critical decisions because this doesn't concern just me anymore. I appreciate all your kind messages & support y'all have been sending in - Cheers to that!

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Mise à jour publié par Rishi Kz Le Nov 21, 2020

There's been TONS of rumours flying around with people saying things like "Rishi definitely have just flew away with the money" & they seem to be building a very imaginative world of their own for some reason. I mean... It's okay to hate but they're being a little too "fairytale" like which is pretty funny to me tbh.

To my backers - Legal discussions are ongoing & I am taking advice accordingly. Also, just to debunk some of these weird stories which are out there - Not a single cent has been touched from this fund.

I will take you guys into Stripe's backend breaking down every single aspect of the fund, speak in terms of the videos & the current happenings on my end!

Monday, 12pm, I will make an individual update post with the link to the video on Youtube. Thank you guys for your patience & sending in messages of support! Cheers!

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Mise à jour publié par Rishi Kz Le Nov 14, 2020

To all the backers for this entire campaign - I reach out to you wholeheartedly & THANK YOU for the immense support that you have given these past 2 days.

Within just 48 hours, we gathered more than a 1000 people donating to the entire campaign which doesn't just happen for no rhyme & reason.

These numbers translate into a much bigger issue which is meant to be discussed thoroughly in the eyes of the public.

I have since engaged a lawyer & there's major updates coming as soon as next week. I will gather as much information as possible, which I can publicly release & summarize it all up into a video update!

Once again - Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Rishikrz.


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Noticed that all videos are taken down, please update us your current situation.

Daniel Ng

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John Tan

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hey bro- u might wanna do a video on the CEO of leap vista - known scammer apparently - did a crowd funding on indiegogo site few years ago- made 1.7mil never delivered.. google steve tan - kreyos watch scam

shanti k

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Congratulations on achieving your funding goal

Yusri Shaggy Sapari

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Stay Strong brother!!! 💪 Never back down.

Kai Ren Tay

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