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Mise à jour publié par Louise Berner Le Oct 06, 2020

Last week she was back home. A lot of prescribed medication was in her bag..😂..mostly vitamins now

She was thankful that this is over with and thank everbody for their support

A follow up with new test for cancer will be done at Chonburi Cancer Hospital on thursday 8 of october.

Hopefully it will come back negativ. She just want to go back to normal as much as she can. Donations has been made..helped her during this non working time...without it she wouldn't been able to have the second treatment done..

Your help has been the best medicin she sais...

Ahead now is to finish up the second-hand shop where she will sell second-hand clothes and things. There will also be a rice selling shop under this roof

Meaning is to make this a small business but will help her running her sanctuary with food, medication, water and electric

So..you are still welcome (will always be) to donate second-hand things to her shop in SaKaeo. Adress in SaKaeo will be provided, until that you can drop off in pattaya, thepprasit 5..call 0886 530524 (english, little bit thai speaking)

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Mise à jour publié par Louise Berner Le Sep 23, 2020

I have ordered rice, dryfood and medicin for the dogs

Paid one staff

Im ready

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Mise à jour publié par Louise Berner Le Sep 22, 2020

Today I have in my account 13 800 baht...all donated by you all...in here and offline

This funding page will remain open since she has a long way to go to finish everything in the shelter

But for now she can start to plan for letting herself stay in hospital to let the doctors do what they need to do


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Mise à jour publié par Louise Berner Le Sep 18, 2020

Last flooding up here made the ground and fence collaps..now we have fixed it by filling the landslide with big stones and made a new fence

Now we have had heavily rain for 2 days and nothing..I repeat nothing can happen..it will be the last straw ro do this all over again


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Mise à jour publié par Louise Berner Le Sep 12, 2020

Meow is the owner of a dog sanctuary in SaKaeo, Thailand..


she cares for 160 dogs and around 60 cats..its a lovely land with view over the mountain to Cambodia..and the dogs has a river to cool off in

Her income is collecting garbage and sell. Selling second-hand clothes and things donated by kind people..This was enough to provide food for her dogs..before...

Meow start to get seriously ill in april and was later diagnosed with uterus cancer

June 15 she went in for surgery to remove the uteru and lympnodes...recovered a couple a days..but did not have time to rest and recover as she should. All her donations was running out and she had to provide food for the dogs/cats..it is difficult to understand how much dryfood and rice is used on one day..40 kg dryfood and 60 kg rice..is to 160 dogs..but this is the numbers

Her daily work is to feed, clean and medicates..this is normal dutys in a shelter..but it was no power in her to do this..she was dizzy, tired and fainted a couple of times..Rest was the suggestion from the Hospital..but its not possible

In august the hospital discovered a bloodcloth on her left side..and that was the cause of her tiredness and other diffused symptoms

She is on heavy medication every week..cost her 500 baht (16 USD)..Lately she has to go every week for electric stimulation, using a hydrocollator to ease pain in nerve and joints...all this cost 470 baht/week..money she dont have

And on top of this there is some electric she needs to pay even if she use solarcell

It is now said from doctors side that she cant be on this medication for long and needs to be admitted to the hospital to open the way for the bloodcloth..her stay in hospital needs to be 1 week

During this week she needs enough food for dogs/cats...money to hire staff

Can we please try to help her with that

I have been her lifeline since 2016 when I meet her for the first time..in a sanctuary that looked like a refugecamp..she has come a long way with donations from kind people..this place in SaKaeo will be the last place for her dogs

It will also be the last place for her if no help will be there..she is only 46 year

Please help me to help her

You can visit her fb page here:



Meow is trying with some borrowed staff to set up the secondhand shop..but the rain is so heavy that they cant work..She want everything done before she admitts to the hospital again. The food and rice is short today and everything is in an evil spiral.. Picture from the shop will come

Louise Berner

Mise à jour publié par Sep 17

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Mise à jour publié par Louise Berner Le Sep 12, 2020

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