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Mise à jour publié par Marina Evriviadou Le Sep 15, 2020

thank you to AAC for donating another 120 euro for Offie, which was combined with the 50euro raised online. I had a remaining 20euro, so i paid myself so i can close the account. Thank you to our anonymous donator! Follow our page to follow up on Offie's progress KittieGarden Safe House.


55 euro raised online. glad you got it all together.

Nicki Doll

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Mise à jour publié par Marina Evriviadou Le Sep 11, 2020

Offie is back at KG after his ear tumour removal operation. His fundraised raised no funds. Thank you to Animal Action Cyprus for sponsoring part of the cost. I decided to foster him at KG with the hope that someone will open their heart to this sweet and friendly ginger boy. He is young, toilet trained and will make a great indoor cat; his ear drum is damaged and we are unsure how much he can hear on that ear. EU adoption possible.

Thank you to our vets at At The Vets for taking such good care of him!

His spaying had been sponsored by Mandry's Fund - Cyprus feral cat project before the holidays, which is also shown on the receipt, as i had not gone to pay it! 🙄

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