Mise à jour publié par Ola Pettersson Le Sep 03, 2020

NUMBER 10 and NUMBER 20...

This is the Global Local Lanta emergency team in the situation room in Klong Dao. They are very serious. :) The excellent Indian restaurant in Klong Dao, HEAMA, will be the first pop-up kitchen at Global Local Lanta!

Covid-19/20 has made it necessary for everyone to adjust business plans and make changes accordingly to the situation. After many days and nights, analyzing the problems and the pros and cons of suggested solutions, the team has come up with a great idea and a general plan for the next coming months. We are going to party us out of this abyss. We will pop-up and prevail!

The team's solution is to launch several collaborations with other people and businesses and do things together. We had to reinvent the calendar since there are not enough weekdays around for everyone, and most weekdays seem to already be reserved... What can we do if we want to make a recurrent party, and we want you to remember when, where, and how?

It is simple!

Our emergency team just claimed for us to be associated with Number 10 and number 20 of each month.

I:e every month on numbers 10 and 20, no matter what weekday, we will make a party at Global Local.

So please remember, folks, the Global Local will not have a weekly schedule for our happenings. We will have monthly recurring events.


We are starting on September 10, which also happens to be my 59th birthday. HEAMA will serve you a great Indian-Tali-Buffet from 18:00-21:00. The band begins 19:00 upstairs and will continue until midnight.

Warmly welcome!

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