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Mise à jour publié par Lara Dale Le Mar 16, 2020
For obvious reasons, Ita O'Brien has postponed the Intimacy Coordinator training until the UK issues further guidelines in response to the Coronavirus. The US has officially restricted travel to the UK as well.

Because the training is postponed rather than canceled, I will continue to raise funds and will extend the fundraiser until the end of May to keep the funds visible and untouched until I know when it is safe to travel.

To all the angels who already generously donated or plan to, thank you a thousand times over, and I hope you will continue to support the Safe Sets Initiative. To any contributors who wish to receive a refund, please contact me and I will gladly honor that request.

Be well and stay healthy!

Lara Dale

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Mise à jour publié par Lara Dale Le Mar 12, 2020

I am beyond joyful at the overwhelmingly positive and proactive response to this fundraiser. Angels from all over the community are sending their love and support and I am so excited to be planning for this trip. Much love to Cynthia, Mark, Tim, I can't wait to get to London and send you all updates about the training and how everything transpires. FYI I do want to let everyone know that I am fully aware of the potential for travel restrictions and am monitoring everything closely, but so far my contacts in the US and the UK say I just need to observe all the basic safety rules and if for any reason the workshop has to be cancelled I am automatically slotted for the next session. All monies raised over the necessary amount will be applied to the work I do when I get back to NM to get this protocol established and help make New Mexico the safest state in the country for film talent and crew.

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