Mises à jour activées Quarantine roofs collapsed – Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center in need of emergency funding

Mise à jour publié par Inge Tielen Le Mar 10, 2020

Dear Followers,

It is so exciting to present this to you, in the last months we could not only fix the whole frame of the roof, we also added skylights which are vital while some animals spend longer periods of time in quarantine. Next to that the whole building got a fresh layer of high quality paints, electricity to process and check new arrivals at night and last but certainly not least we could improve our biosecurity by making two permanent footbaths. In this document we are proud to share with you some documentation from before, during and after renovation.

The last finishing touch will be the Hall of Fame for which we are still finalizing the designs, we will share this with you when finished.

The whole Cikananga team would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, because without you we could not have done this. Our team is once again proud of the facilities and the new arrivals can recover better from their ordeal due to the improved environment they will be in. You made a difference for the animals currently arriving at Cikananga, follow us on our social media to know which lives you changed!

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Mise à jour publié par Inge Tielen Le Jan 09, 2020

Dear backers and followers,

Our new year is starting with admiring the work done in the two quarantine buildings, one roof has already completely been fixed and the second roof is now on the way.

With the extra support we received we can now even renovate some other parts of the buildings, this includes but is not limited to painting all walls, fixing all electricity and adding skylights so the new arrivals in our quarantines can enjoy the sun as well. And we cant wait to share with you photos of the end results, please keep following us to see what you all made possible!

Wishing everyone the very best for 2020!

Much love

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Mise à jour publié par Cikananga Foundation Le Dec 18, 2019

Great news from Cikananga, The Quarantine Roof Renovation Work Has Started !

Last week we started a fundraising regarding the renovation of our collapsed quarantine roof. Our quarantine is very vital for our work and where a lot of our animals resided before they can be moved to their enclosures. After the roof collapsed, we immediately start planning the roof renovation so the quarantine can be functioned again as soon as possible.

And thanks to everyone that has been helping us, we now have all the resources to start fixing the roof ! We manage to gather donation faster than our initial estimated time !

We now have done with the material ordering and already started with the renovation work. Fortunately, we will be able to fix not only one roof, but both roof of the quarantines. Thanks to this fundraising, some of our sponsors decide to help us with the renovation fund for the other quarantine roof, so we can fix everything. We can soon expect to have our quarantines back to normal, and even better than before.

This will not be possible without the help of everybody. All donation made to this fundraising, no matter how much, is very helpful and precious to us. We are also very thankful for everyone who had share the news of our fundraising and encourage others to help us. We can not do this without everyone who has been supporting us all this time. Thank you very much !

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