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Mise à jour publié par Carrie Liu Le Oct 27, 2019

Hello my angels! Today was a fabulous day with good weather and it was well spent with my breast cancer sisters at the Pink Walk Walkathon. We had such a great time chatting about our most recent problems during our walk, like how none of us can move our fingers in the morning (post chemo side effect), hot flashes, sensitivity to cold, boob asymmetry (sometimes a girl has just got to vent!). As you can see in the photo, we are all pretty young (all under 40), and I hope this can motivate you to be vigilant about your own breast self exams and the health of your young families.

I want to thank you all again for your generous donations! Because of you all, tonight i was able to donate HKD$25,728 to HKBCF and another USD3,307 to METavivor. I will post the receipts here later when I get them. I have always dreamed of being a generous supporter to the causes that shake my heart, but I have never earned a large income, and my life has always been weighed down by the heavy financial obligations and material desires of the big city. I am so glad that our collective efforts will be able to make a small dent in the ass of breast cancer support and research, and I'm also glad that your generosity has given me extra courage to put my money in what's important instead of what's shiny.

Although today I am finally recovered, I hope you will all continue to invest in research for whatever medical or environmental issue that pulls your heart. Only through more research can our sons and daughters continue to enjoy what we are blessed enough to enjoy today. Every dollar counts!

Love you all xoxo

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