Mises à jour activées Fundraising Campaign: Drinkable Water For The Kids at KYDA (Kawempe Youth Development Association)

Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Oct 25, 2019

Success! The instalation is connected and working. At close examination the water looks clear, however we have agreed to first make a laboratory test this way we will be100% sure it is drinkable and then we can give it to the kids.

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Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Sep 17, 2019

The water filtration system project is still ongoing, we had a slight delay due to the waterproof membrane which needs 2 weeks to dry before its connected to the electric pump. The project is reaching the end phase and soon we will see clear water puring from the tank.

Also another video is coming up soon!

Thank you everyone for the support, thank you Laura and La Cassita for orginising an event to support the cause!

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Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Aug 30, 2019

Drinkable Water Projec: Saint Bernard School (Tracking Progress)

This video I am showcasing what we did so far with the Drinkable Water Project - what is done, where we are at right now and what's left to be done.

I would also like to use this as an opportunity to say BIG thank you to everyone included in the process.

You are awesome!

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Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Aug 27, 2019

The whole which you saw on the last update was 3 meters deep and 2.5 wide, which took a lot of work after that the tank was put inside and it was well sealed. Also the part where the water will go through the sand filter is ready.

Now what is left is to put the filtration sand, the waterproof membrane and connect the whole system with the pump and we are already 98% percent funded.

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Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Aug 20, 2019

Coming up with another update, we already purchased some of the materials and we are working hard on realisng the project!

We are 80% of 100% with the donation, which is truly amazing!

Thank you on the behalf of everyone!

Here are some photos that you can track the progress.

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Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Aug 13, 2019

It's official today we withdrew part of the money you amazing people donated and we started to work on the clean water project.

Here in this video, we started digging the hole where we will position the water tank. In this tank, the already filtrated water will be stored and pumped to the source, where the community can find freshwater.

To do that we planned to collect the rainwater from the roofs that you see in this short video.

Thank you once again!


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Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Aug 08, 2019

In this short video I am doing a quick tour around KYDA (Kawempe Youth Development Association) where we are currently working on. The purpose of the tour is to show you the progress that we are making and to highlight the main projects.

Tour around KYDA centre

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Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Aug 04, 2019

We are halfway through with the campaign and symbolically we have collected half the amount which is amazing! We have collected 1520 euro. Me and everyone in the team included in the process cannot express the gratitude for your help and support. We are also more than sure that the appreciativeness of the little ones will be even greater when they taste that clean water!

On the 1st of August my friend and teammate Catalin had a birthday and he decided to cook for everyone in the school, it was really a great idea and we added some surprises to the lunch such as sweets, juice, and chapati with Nutella. They were unbelievably happy, saying things such as "we shall never forget you", thank you so much!" Afterward, we spent the whole afternoon and evening with them doing different activities such as playing football, flying disc, volleyball, chase, singing songs etc etc.

This day helped me realize how little is needed to be truly happy.

Imagine what will be the impact of access to clean water! They will be forever grateful. We have some photos and videos and I am going to create a post and share it with you. Thank you so much once again for supporting the campaign on behalf of everyone in the team.

If you still haven't donated and want to here is the link: https://gogetfunding.com/birthday-fun...

If you cannot donate don't worry, sharing is free and increases the chances of more people seeing it!

If you donated and shared thank you, thank you, thank you! You are amazing!

Here is a link to the facebook page, where we often update: https://www.facebook.com/erasmusuganda/

PS: In the video, I am using a lot of "I", "I did that", "I did this" but it would have not been so successful without the help of everyone! Thank you, amazing people!

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Mise à jour publié par Ivan Ivanov Le Jul 29, 2019

Beautiful people out there, thank you for showing us your support and for donating to our cause!

Because of you we feel that our team of volunteers just got bigger. We feel more motivated to go on. We are half way there, but our work continues. We still need at least half of the amount in order to get started on the water thank project.

Below you can see more pictures depicting the process of how sometimes their boiling the water then moving it into Jerry cans, however most of the times they dont have the patience to boil it and they just drink it straight out of the water tank you can click on the link to see how it looks like on the inside.

The dirty

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