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Mise à jour publié par Derek Kwok Le Aug 02, 2019

Hello everyone,

It has been a fantastic 24 hours for us to have 16% of our target done! You are amazing! Again, words cannot be enough to show our appreciation of your support. We have never imagined to have 13,000 HKD (which is A LOT) on the first day.

Let me tell you what 13,000 HKD can do for us: You have already helped sponsoring 50% of our accommodation costs or 20% of our flight tickets!


We have reviewed our reward system, and we have updated it as follows (bold are new/changed rewards):

Donation Amt (HKD)
# of donors
1/Level 1: Mentions on social media and firedragons.hk

250100Level 2: 1 random player photograph, Level 1 mentions

500100Level 3: 1 signed player photograph of your choice, 1 random poster, Epic mentions

75050Level 4: 2 signed player photographs of your choice, 2 posters, Epic mentions

100020Level 5: 3 signed player photographs of your choice, 2 posters, 1 travel photo album, Legendary mentions

150010Level 6: All signed player photographs, 2 posters, 1 travel photo album, Legendary mentions, a meet-up with Team HK members (limited to Hong Kong donors)

30005Level 7: Everything in Level 6, jersey signed by all players, Golden legendary mentions

Posters - we are designing 2 posters (which will be announced in September), one is an illustration by local artist and one is players' photograph poster. Please look forward to it!

Travel photo album - Our community lead - ASCII - is a photographer, so we have decided to take photos along the entire trip in the United States and compose a photo album for you so we can share this amazing journey with you.

Level 7 rewards - We have always been seeking chances to give away our jersey to backers, but one jersey could cost up to 600HKD, the cost is too heavy for all previous rewards. So we have decided to create a special tier - Level 7.

All current donors will be mapped to the new reward systems so you won't be missed out when we are distributing rewards in December 2019.

Travel update

We have booked our accommodation to relieve the pressure of increasing hotel prices for late booking. And we have seen discounts on various hotels in Anaheim near the convention center now so we went for a hotel which is at reasonable price and in close proximity to convention center. For privacy reason, we will not disclose our hotel, but it is next to Disneyland and 20-minute walk away from Convention Center which can greatly reduce lower our transportation costs, we think it is the ideal hotel for members in Fire Dragons.

Total costs: 25,000 HKD (2,500 HKD per member)

Again, we treasure every single dollar you donate and your donation means a lot to us for sending young talents pursuing their dreams without pressure. Overwatch World Cup is the perfect events for our talented players to shine and grow. Thank you for all of your generous support you gave us!

General Manager
FIRE DRAGONS - Team Hong Kong


We hope to build our team with love and care so both players and communities would be proud of what Team HK did! And yeah... Sam, the situation is worrying, but we can’t do much when Team HK is as well dealing with financial situation, hope they can work out!

Derek Kwok

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We found that we missed out handwritten appreciation letter for Level 5 rewards or above, we will soon adding it back!

Derek Kwok

Mise à jour publié par Aug 03


Thanks for these updates! Just wanted to say I’m really impressed about the professionalism of this committee! Unfortunately heard some rumours with some other WC teams run quite badly and already giving up on world cup, so this is very encouraging to see :)

Sam Lau

Mise à jour publié par Aug 02

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Mise à jour publié par Derek Kwok Le Aug 01, 2019

Hello everyone!

We know the rewards ain't the best, but we are struggling to offer a much larger reward packs - for obvious reason. We hope to allocate most of the donations to travel and accommodation.

We know we can do better, we are looking into expanding some higher tier rewards: posters, you can choose which signed player photographs, jersey luckdraw, or even jersey signed by the entire team! But we cannot guarantee anything for now, we will keep everyone updated!

General Manager

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