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Mise à jour publié par Alleric Enslin Le Jun 29, 2019


Sadly Jessie has passed away at hospital. We had a long and hard battle, but in the end his whole body started shutting down.



Jessie is looking better today. Doctor has said there was no vomiting through the night and his stomach is settling in. Still a bit of worry about the jaundice and the blood clot, but fingers crossed.



We visited Jessie and he is looking quite happy, but on the inside there are some big issues.

The doctor did scans this morning and Jessie has now been diagnosed with jaundice, which suggest problems with his liver.

The doctor has also found a blood clot somewhere within his stomach area and will have to monitor it very carefully.

He said Jessie is fighter and is incredibly strong for already going through all the stuff he has the past week, cheating death twice within 3 days. It is clear that he still has some fight left within him, so we aren't planning on giving up on him anytime soon.

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