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Mise à jour publié par ANA Chan Le Jun 13, 2019

Wow, the past 2.5 weeks flew by. We are elated to have received so much support from everyone. A HUGE thank you to all our generous donors. We hope you like your gifts and that the monkeys haven’t been up to too much mischief. Don’t forget to feed them lots of bananas hahaha. Looking forward to sending out the cheques next week to WWF and EVP. Wonder if there will be any last minute donations tomorrow ;)

Catch you later


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Mise à jour publié par ANA Chan Le Jun 07, 2019

Woohoo!! We have hit our target - we are so completely stoked and over the moon. Thank you so much to everyone for all your support and generous donations. We really appreciate it. We are hoping to finish off with a bang and raise as much as we can in the remaining week (plus we have to find a home for all the monkeys and suncatchers). The monkeys are so much fun and super cheeky, and the suncatchers are really colourful. We worked hard and enjoyed making them and we hope you will enjoy them as much as us.

Best wishes,

Aidan, Nathan & Alyssa

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