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Mise à jour publié par marlene huerto Le Apr 11, 2019

My son was having a craniotomy surgery last 4 years ago due to a car accident ,. He suffered multiple broken skull bones and a traumatic brain injury that changed his personality.. he is in coma, paralyzed in the hospital for 2 weeks and all by the miracle of God he recovered but his doctor were unable to confirm right after his surgery if how long does he lives and be with us., I had a painful everyday lives (every seconds, minutes, hours I was crying over and over). I don’t know what to do. Then after 4 years of sufferings., there comes happen last few months ago my son suddenly was started to have an occasional seizures.

I meant to write this post a while ago for him, about what we could expect after his surgery. But instead I’m writing it right now, because I know he needs some medical, financial and really, what good is going to do with him?so, please i am begging and touch of someones heart to help my son., thanks and god bless to those who reach this information.

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