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We've crunched the numbers and we want YOU to be a part of building OUR community space together!


Anam Cara Manila has tied up with multiple carefully selected teachers and facilities to provide healing programs and retreats. By donating to our community space, you will be supporting the following:


•Quarterly Guest Speakers for Mindful Meditation & Mental Health

• Weekly Seyva Classes at:

  • Senior Yoga at Sunshine Place Elderly Center, Makati City
  • Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Classes for Social Rehabilitation of Inmates (Metro Manila, Philippines)
  • Open House Meditation at Anam Cara Manila
  • November 2019 7-day Detox & Alignment Retreat (La Union, Philippines)

• Fund Raising Events for the following organizations:


As a community space for all practitioners, we are aiming to raise funds for the upkeep and beautification of Anam Cara Manila. These include:

• Purchase & Installation of:

  • Infrared Heaters for Hot Yoga Classes ($130/unit + cost of installation & shipping)
  • Aerial Yoga Apparatus’ ($40/set + cost of installation & shipping)

• Beautification of outdoor receiving area including:

  • Outdoor Dining Set Up (approximately $800-$1000 including labor costs)
  • Purchase & Installation of Outdoor Lighting ($600-$900)
  • Kid’s Play Area ($500 including installation of flooring, roofing, and play pen)


• Monthly Staff Salaries:

  • Studio Manager ($300/month)
  • Operations Manager ($500/month)
  • Social Media & Marketing Manager ($400/month)
  • Studio Floor Staff ($300/month for 2 pax)


• Anam Cara Manila 1st Year Anniversary Expenses:

  • Food & Drinks (minimum of 20 pax)
  • Event Utilities
  • Equipment Rental
  • Gift Bags including but not limited to: essential oil kit, turban and set of Tarot Cards (estimated at $50/bag)

Suggested Donations:

$25 gets you 1 free class of your choice and 10% goes to your organization of choice mentioned above.

$50 gets you 3 classes of your choice and 15% goes to your organization of choice mentioned above.

For $100/month that you donate, you will be sponsoring one member of your organization of choice above every month that will cover their some of their basic necessities and a weekly yoga class from one of our in-house teachers.

To help us get the word out, please share our link to your Facebook or Instagram accounts!

With love, light, and gratitude always, Sat Nam & Namaste.


“In many ways love has already named us before we can even begin to speak back to it, before we can utter the right words or understand what has happened to us or is continuing to happen to us: an invitation to the most difficult art of all, to love without naming at all.” ― David Whyte, Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

Marisa Yance

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