Mises à jour activées Fund raise for Yoyo’s medical care

Mise à jour publié par Faye Tan Le Aug 17, 2018

Thank you so much for the donations! There was a bit lacking however i managed to sell off my old phone and some collection to raise money! All the help is really appreciated! For now she is still under medication but the good thing is she is getting better already! However another news arrived, she has some signs of skin conditions thus we took some medication and cream for her. The doctor reccomend that we get her sterilized asap thus I'm still going to continue the campaign. Will end it when i have enough money for yoyo and her medical bills :) the sterilization needs about 400++ including checkup. Do note that i won't take any more than it is needed and will refund via paypal once the target is reached.

The bills will not be shown publicly due to legal issues but if anyone needs proof and wants a receipt for their donations feel free to let me know, i will send you the bill to check ^^

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