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Maine’s platelet count is at 58x10^9/L which is still below normal after even she was able to receive 4 units of blood. Immediately after being discharged from Manila Doctors, she and her family went straight to St. Lukes, Quezon City. Family conference, consult of her father with adult hematologist, a quick briefing with the dietician, a glimpse of the transplant unit and a talk regarding the costing of the said transplant were accomplished through out the morning.

It was indeed aagonizing to our minds and hearts to hear all that Maine has to go through to even have the slightest chance to be back to a normal healthy her.

We have mentioned in our post the most devastating thing that could happen to her, and it is certainly with heaviness in our hearts that the family is left with no choice. It is either they let her be stuck in endless blood transfusions and possible relapse, or take a chance and gamble that the transplant can and will pull her out from an imminent health problem.

The Transplant doctor suggested for Maine to have biopsy done in St. Lukes as she is still baffled as why Maine’s platelet is not recovering despite all the other blood components being within normal range. Maine should be in total remission before proceeding with the transplant.

The estimated costing for the said BMT is Php 1,955,050.80. This only involves the pre- bone marrow transplant preparation, conditioning, confinement (in-house), medication, medical supplies, laboratory, and professional fees. As we have mentioned from the previous post, the GRAFT VS HOST DISEASE is a major factor to consider whether it’ll be a success or not. Thus , Maine will still be under medication for at least 100 days (3 months post-Transplant) or even more depending on how her body would react to the transplant. It will amount to hundreds and hundreds of thousands or could be more in case she harbors an infection or any other factors that could put her in danger. Hence, it is imperative that the fund should suffice until the very last medication she has to take post transplant. As of today, Maine’s medical fund is just Php 731,301.00 Maine’s confinement for the last month, and consultations were all deducted from it. We abhor to admit it but we are seriously falling behind our target amount.

Maine will be submitted to chemotherapy for 6 days with a different set of medications from the ones she had during her 5 cycles in Manila doctors. Radiation will also be rendered for one day. Other long term effects were also discussed. Aside from sterility, it may also cause her to have Cardiomyopathy, Pulmonary Fibrosis, and even other types of cancer. The protocol consists of three phases: Phase 1: Pre-engraftment, Phase 2: Post-engraftment, Phase 3: late phase. During the last phase, monitoring will still be continued as this is where the GVHS could manifest in forms of skin rashes, diarrhea, jaundice and so on.

As for her father, he is advised to take things slow and make sure he’s in a complete optimum state of health. He will be given medications for 5 days to boost his stem cell counts. An IV line via the femoral (groin) vein will be secured. During the collection of stem cells, he might experience side effects like body malaise and decrease in platelet counts. Maine and and her father have different blood types. It is discussed that such should also be monitored as it may or may not cause Maine’s body to reject the stem cell.

Aside from all the physical, psychological, and emotional torments, the lack of fund will definitely stall Maines’ treatment. As per St. Lukes Billing department, each time a patients bill reaches Php 150,000.00, the family should settle the amount due. In Maine’s case, such amount maybe incurred in just 2-3 days at the transplant unit. with the amount of less than a million, she may not even get to reach the engraftment period.

We have always been completely honest with all of you who have been supporting Maine. Her life is an open book from day 1. We are pleadingly asking everyone to please share her page, tag your friends and let everyone know how lovely this kid is. She desperately needs help to have a grand future ahead of her. Please be a part of her fight over this disease.

Please do pray for her healing, and may you continue to support our fundraising merchandises (T-shirt for a cause for Php 300.00) and possible activities.

May God bless us all. Thank you.

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Mise à jour publié par Rosemarie Manabat Manansala Le Oct 16, 2018

Be part of our fundraising campaign that would help lessen, or better yet terminate the probablity of cancer’s recurrence on Maine.


Coin banks (Php 100.00) and ponytails (50.00) are currently on hand. T-shirt (Php 300.00) and coin purse (Php 100.00) are for pre-order. T-shirt (Yalex/Softex brand) is in white color alone and available in all sizes.

Kindly share and tag your friends. These merchandises are being sold for Maine’s bone marrow treatment alone. Reckon on our pledge that sales go directly to her fund. We are trusting your tender hearts to support Maine by purchasing these items. Be an embodiment of unfeigned kindness and benevolence to save a child. You can visit her official FB page at WIN AGAINST LEUKEMIA WITH MAINE for other details.

Our ceaseless”THANK YOU” to each and everyone of you. We may not be able to repay, but our dear Lord sees your generosity. May he bless you more than what you are worthy of receiving.

May we reach our goal the soonest. Maine needs us all to fight and back her up against this dreadful disease. Be with us and let’s vindicate her from sickness through God’s merciful hands.

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Credits to Mylene Manabat

There?s no meager donation for a child who deserves a grand future. Every single cent counts. Her Bone Marrow transplant requires scrupulous planning. It?s going to hurt, but we will fight to the finish line. Be with this child until the every end.

Godbless those who would share a minute of their time and whatever they could hand over for Maine?s life to be prolonged.

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Mise à jour publié par Rosemarie Manabat Manansala Le Sep 25, 2018


Maine was able to complete her chemotherap treatment protocol which lasted five months including blood transfusion and confinement for infection management. However, her oncologist stipulated the need for transplant. It took a while before the family were able to sit down for a consult with the transplant doctor. it was rescheduled a couple of times as Maine’s platelet counts were erratic and unforeseaable. Along with it was probably the feeling of not wanting to hear nor be engaged in any more procedure over her sickness. Maine had a total of one hundred eighteen (118) needle pricks in a span of five long months. The notion of having her go through whatever that would involve needle pricks is just so savage and strenous on such a little girl. But then, this is something we should have a grasp on, something we should somehow have knowledge and familiarity with.

The conference with Dr. Allan Racho, Pediatric Hematology and Transplant doctor transpired at St. Lukes, BGC, Taguig, yesterday evening. He established the fact that Maines’ chance of full recovery is only at 30% without bone marrow transplant. On the contrary, she will have 60-70% chance of full recovery/remission if treatment will proceed. He instantaneously suggested for the transplant to be done the soonest since Maine is categorized under high risk. The schedule for the Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy was supposedly by the end of November. However, we were told that having it done a month after her last chemotherapy cycle is much more beneficial. If results show an absolute remission, chemotherapy with probably a higher dose would be dispensable and nonessential. The entire process would take 4-6 weeks which requires Maine to be hospitalized all through out. We were advised to come up with Two Million Pesos (Php 2,000,000.00) that is if chemotherapy’s unecessary. Meanwhile, BMA and biopsy are scheduled on October 8.

We all have been a witness of how Maine fought her battle with Leukemia. We hoped her 5th chemotherapy cycle wa the last of it. This is another combat she has to pull off and win. We are genuinely optimistic. You and everyone else who’s reading and sharing this post would emulate the actions of soft-hearted, good samaritans for a child who’s profoundly in need of help.

We will soon launch another fundraising campaign. Please do participate as all the proceeds amassed would ensue bone marrow transplant for our little brave girl. Those who would want to offer monetary assistance can deposit in the bank details posted on this page or you can contact Maine’s parents at 0906-874-7886/0932-881-2436.

Maine’s home with her sister and both of them will be celebrating their birthdays on October 7.

We will keep you all posted. Please continue to pray for her healing and be with us until Maine is no longer shackled and captive of this disease.

God bless us all.

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