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Mise à jour publié par Jules Galloway Le Jan 08, 2018

Great News! Here is the breakdown of where your donations have gone so far.

We have purchased 15 Lenovo tablets for $1390. They are only 7 inches but we have been assured they will be perfect to get the kids started (yay!).

Our GoGet crowdfunding and credit card payment fees (6.9%) came to $87.63.

The RACHEL Offline device came to AU$667.93.

I found an upgrade for my travel insurance (for carrying extra tech devices) that was only a tiny bit more than my usual policy cost, so I'm happy to wear that payment myself.

So far we've spent $1969.37 of the $2270 raised, leaving us with $300.63. I'm going to hold onto this until I get into Fiji (in case there are any extra taxes that need to be paid upon entry into the country - don't worry - we are going armed with letters for immigration to prove that the devices were donated). Once inside Fiji, I will take whatever money is left, convert it to FJD, and present it to the head teacher as a cash donation to the school to buy extra education equipment.

Thanks again for being a part of this! xo


Well done Jules that’s a great achievement and I’m sure the school and children will be happy. It makes my heart glad to have been able to help in just a small way. Thank you 😁

Sharon Blazely

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Mise à jour publié par Jules Galloway Le Dec 27, 2017


Massive fist bump to everyone who donated so far to help the remote island kids in Fiji... Our dream of supplying computers to their school is one step closer. Today we purchased the RACHEL Offline device from World Possible, which will give them internet on the island.

It cost AU$667.93 (which includes delivery from the US). So that leaves us with enough money to buy 5 Lenovo tablets... BUT... there's still time to turn that into 15 tablets!

Please share this campaign and let's get this over the line :)

With Thanks,

Jess and Jules xo

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