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Mise à jour publié par Marie-Louise Verster Le Nov 05, 2017

Hi Everyone. I lost 100% hearing in my right ear instantly on 31 March 2008. After days of tests and MRI scan the only conclusion the doctors reached was that it was caused by the Herpes Zoster virus which is known for attacking a person's senses. They warned me to get a cochlear implant done within 10 years as the success thereafter dwindles. We have been trying for all these years to save up the money but everything just became so expensive in South Africa as the Rand is falling all the time against the Dollar and the implant comes from America!! My time is running out and I am desperate to get it done asap - for the last year I had severe attacks on my remaining ear where it would sound like I am underwater and I hear people talk to me far in a distance outside the water. These attacks are becoming more frequent as time goes by. Needless to say, if I should loose hearing in my other ear, a cochlear implant is too late. This is creating such trauma in my life, both personal and work life and I am desperate. Please help me.....

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