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Mise à jour publié par Crystal Hartwig Le May 29, 2017

Today, I received an emailing explaining that if I thought that the previous email was a hoax - here is the proof. A man revealed himself to be a commissioner of oaths and attached a pledge of £5000 to be paid directly into Oxford University, Wycliffe Hall towards the funding of my course and college fees from anonymous donors.

I received no such email so without the forewarning one can only imagine my surprise.

I am in awe. This God. My God. He is big and he is real and I am overwhelmed by His love. I am so grateful to the anonymous donors and to the messenger inbetween. I don't actually know how to comprehend such blessing.

I now only have £5635 more to raise. But in my heart of hearts I know that I am not the Provider and neither are you. My God is.

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Mise à jour publié par Crystal Hartwig Le May 25, 2017

Tonight I hosted a second hand clothes sale in which I sold my clothes! (Not all of them) and I managed to raise R3995! Which amounts to £194! Yay! I also sold muffins and Gin and Tonics and handmade canvases! Thank you to everyone who came and supported!

I also managed to raise £88.50 selling canvases and clothes and jewelry to my fellow colleagues who were so wonderfully supportive and willing to pay outrageous prices for my average clothes! So grateful for the love, support and prayer. Especially from a stranger today who deposited £100 to help get me started. Everytime I want to give up - I am overwhelmed by a moment of encouragement! So grateful!

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