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Mise à jour publié par KE L Le May 18, 2016

Every since i was little i strugled with my weight, I was bullied because of it. I feel so unfappy because I can not wear the clothes that I like. I always feal like all the other girls are more beautiful than me, more sucesfull then me (Even i am in collage). I dont want to be that fat girl anymore. Now my weight is 270 pounds (i am 23). Dont get me wrong i tried many diets but no one seems to work. I want to live a happy life ... and healthy life. Evantully get married and have kids and be a good exsemple four them too ... i dont want to live my life in a depression. I need that exstra push.

Thats why i decided to have a weight loss surgery, it is called gastric bypass: The surgeon leaves only a very small part of the stomach (Called the pouch). That pouch can not hold a lot of food, so you eat less. The food you eat bypasss the rest of the stomach, going straight from the pouch to your small intestine. Often this surgery can be done through Several small incisions using a camera to see inside (laparoscope). Doctors can also perform a mini-gastric bypass, Which is a Similar procedure also done through a laparoscope.

The EUR 5,000 will cover the cost of surgery, the doctor consultation, and the three day bed rest after the surgery, but i dont have money, i am only a student and (studying is my main priority right now.)

So please haalp me to CHAINGE my life and to be the person that i was always ment to be!


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