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Mise à jour publié par Caroline Parker Le Sep 11, 2015

Thanks to everyone for supporting this feeding programme. We have closed this fund as we now have enough food in stock to feed all the dogs and cats we to need to until mid-November and perhaps a bit longer. The tourists will be back by then (they're already starting to arrive) and hopefully all the dogs and cats will have a happy tourist season with plenty of food from restaurants and tourists.

Additional help has also just arrived to feed animals here, so the situation in Agonda is looking good!

If you would like to contribute to a related fund, please see Tipu Dog's "Give A Dog A Nose" fund at https://gogetfunding.com/give-a-dog-a-nose/

Thanks from all the dogs - Monkey, Barbie, Lilly, Mama Mia, Turtle, Tipu, Boris girl, Boris boy, Shanti, Pamela, LifeSaver, Weasel, the other 3 lifeguard dogs, Shanti's 6 puppies, Jelly, Dolly, Max, Lassi, Charlie Brownie, Tommy, Debbie, Fat Slag, Goa Puppy, Skinny Pup, Brownie Dog - plus all the "unnamed dogs" - and from the cats - Whitey, Blue-Eye, Philip, Davey, Mummy, Solar, Sid, the 3 "unnamed ginger kittens", Maaza, Tortie, Midge, Ginger-Spot - plus all the other "unnamed cats".

Many of these animals would have not survived monsoon without your support and the fact that by feeding them regularly we could also spot any medical problems/wounds/illnesses etc. and get them the attention they needed.

We are going to continue to keep an eye on all the dogs and cats that we met during this feeding programme, even after all the food has gone.

Thanks, wags, woofs and purrs from Agonda.

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Mise à jour publié par Caroline Parker Le Aug 13, 2015

Updated accounts and receipts are now available here.

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Mise à jour publié par Caroline Parker Le Aug 09, 2015

This is Mama Mia/Poopie/Bert/Sindy/Cindy, one of the feeding fund dogs, having a mad moment when she wants to play. All her friends on the feeding fund join in, but when the play gets too intense - most of the dogs are bigger than her - she runs over for a little protection from the feeder.

She has protection whenever she wants, as do all the dogs.

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Mise à jour publié par Caroline Parker Le Aug 09, 2015

Video taken 10 August 2015 (1 minute video):

This was after visiting the lifeguard dogs for feeding. Returning home up the beach...
Today Monkey, Lassi, the beach-cleaner's dog and the lifeguard dogs were fed, in addition to the everyday dogs - Barbie (the tall golden dog with curly tail), Mama Mia, Jelly, Lilly, Turtle (the skinny brown and white dog with blue collar - she was very sick and emaciated when found by the fund and is slowly getting fatter - she gets as much food as she will eat), Tipu (the German Shepherd) and Boris Girl (the one who jumps up).
Lightening, the black and white dog in the distance with the short tail, has a private monsoon feeder, but he even got a few extra dog biscuits as a treat!

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Mise à jour publié par Caroline Parker Le Aug 06, 2015

Very sad news as one of the dogs on the feeding programme has been found dead. He lived right up at the far north end of the beach.

The original suspicion was some sort of accidental poisoning but it turns out he died a natural death.
He was 13 or 14 years old - which is old for an Agonda dog - and had quite a few problems for a while. The person who minded him had got the vet several times, and treated him with medicine, but he continued to have problems and eventually died naturally. He was born with problems, including very crooked limbs, and in a way the problems continued to plague him through his life - though he had the love and support and enjoyment of so many locals and foreigners.

When this feeding fund met him on the beach, despite being thin, he never would eat that much. He could have all the food he wanted but would wander away after a short time. It was old age that got him in the end.

Such a pity and such sad news. So many people loved Bendy Dog and supported him through this fund. He was born with crooked limbs but was a lovely gentle kind soul.

He was hand fed by this fund because he was such a polite dog that he would let other dogs steal his food. The only way we could ensure he got his food was to hand feed him while keeping other dogs away.

It's even more sad because plans had been put in place this week to provide extra attention, food and care for him... the plans came just to late... although it would have perhaps been impossible to save him.

Here are two photos of Bendy Dog just after being fed - and as you can see, he needs it. Rest in peace Bendy, your soul will live on with so many on Agonda Beach.

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Mise à jour publié par Caroline Parker Le Aug 04, 2015

So many updates to post... abandoned kittens rescued, re-homed kittens, fostered kittens... dogs all healthy and well-fed, cats getting help... so many successes in recent weeks. All the fund to date has been spent - and all the resulting dog and cat food - over two hundred kilos to last until mid-November - is in stock in the feeding centre.

Pedigree India gave this fund a 20% discount on food, so 174kg of Pedigree Dog Food and Whiskas Cat Food have been bought and delivered... Another 20x dog worming tablets have been bought today (will treat 200kg worth of dog)....

A sister-fund Give A Dog A Nose has started - https://gogetfunding.com/give-a-dog-a-nose/ - for the noseless, homeless, starving German Shepherd "Tipu Dog" that this fund has rescued from starving alone on the beach. His nose was bitten off by a leopard and a maggot infection in the wound closed his nostrils completely but the nose wound is still subject to infections and creates a lot of pain for him. Currently his nose is completely closed off - he cannot breathe through it or smell... and he gets chronic ear and eye infections as a result of the blocked nostrils and sinuses.
But soon he will get a new nose opening and nose reconstruction (thanks to the wonderful support of Dr Kiran and his colleagues at Tailwaggerz Vets Margao and Panjim) and will be able to breathe through his nose and smell again!

All receipts are already available on request - and will be posted publicy on this fund page in the coming days... it's just a case of finding the time to publish them here. The priority is to feed and treat the so many dogs and cats this fund supports everyday... all the paperwork will appear here shortly.

Wags, woofs, meows and purrs from Agonda.

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Mise à jour publié par Jaycee G Le Jul 23, 2015

Feeding fund dogs having fun (Thursday 23 July).

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Mise à jour publié par Jaycee G Le Jul 23, 2015

A video below of some of the "lifeguard" dogs being fed (plus a few of the other feeding-fund dogs who came along for the walk).
The "Lifeguard" dogs are being supplied with food by another dog-lover, which takes the pressure off this fund to feed them all everyday (it is difficult to count them all, there are 7, 8, 9 dogs there?).
Some local people keep the food and feed it to them everyday.
Food stocks are replenished regularly.
This fund supplies supplementary feeding, which makes the dogs very happy, but also serves the purpose of getting all the lifeguard dogs together on the beach so this fund can check for any medical problems, give worming tablets and also regularly handfeed the thin, elderly female among them called Marrionetta (also known as Pamela) who tends to get pushed away from food by the other, younger dogs (she's the pale blonde dog that appears at about 23 seconds in).
The dog-lover who supplies food to these dogs doesn't live in Agonda, so cannot be here every week to check on them. This fund helps bridge the gaps to ensure Marrionetta gets handfed, and everything is ok between her visits. Different groups working together and keeping in touch is wonderful for all the dogs.

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Mise à jour publié par Jaycee G Le Jul 23, 2015

Before Turtle Dog was found, and added to the feeding fund, and sent to hospital for two weeks for treatment for skin infections and fever, she had been filmed in this drone movie of Agonda Beach - she appears from about 16 seconds in. She's now back in Agonda, getting follow-up treatment for her skin (which is a lot better now thanks to her stay in ARC hospital), and being fattened up by this feeding programme.


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Mise à jour publié par Jaycee G Le Jul 22, 2015

Friends, followers and supporters of this monsoon feeding community may also like to follow a spin-off project that has started in recent days. This sideline project aims to organise an operation for one of the feeding programme dogs to mend his nose. Well, he doesn't really have a nose. The dog is Tipu, the German Shepherd, who's nose was bitten off by a leopard two years ago. He currently can't breathe or smell through what's left of his nose, so the aim is to restore whatever function is possible, and at the very least to put an end to the recurring infections he gets in the open wound.
All his food is currently provided by this monsoon feeding project - so thank-you from him! He's put on lots of weight since originally photographed here which will make him strong for his operation.

He's now writing about his life and planned "nose job" on his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/giveadoganose


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