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Elephants at Nonwane
Mise à jour publié par Nick Bernardus Johannes Petrus van Doormaal Le Sep 24

Whenever I visited TA and Olifants West, I pretty much always stayed at 'Nonwane'. For the ones who do not know: Nonwane is the research facility of Transfrontier Africa. Most visiting researchers or master students stay there to carry out their work and studies.

I always enjoyed staying at Nonwane; even though it's not as rustic as the camp, but it's a good workstation. And just like the camp, it is also not fenced! Meaning that all kinds of animals stop by for a coffee or a chat! =) There's always a pair of steenbok hanging around, at night we hear hyenas on the old airstrip, honey badgers looking for leftovers. But it's always a pleasure when the elephants visit! Often visiting in the early evening, but I also had some encounters during the day. It's amazing how quietly they can sneak up on you! If you just keep calm and keep your distance, the elephants are often not bothered by your presence and just keep on going with their daily elie business.

Elephants are an all-time favourite to watch and I really hope you support to TA's work in protecting the elephants and their natural habitat.

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