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Times is tough
Mise à jour publié par MOHD HADIF ADHWA JEBIN Le Sep 11

I've been switching jobs after jobs from restaurants, working on automotive workshop, stalls sellers and manual labour jobs.

Recently I've received an Email from my postpaid company asking for the due fee which was due during the first locked down last years.

Its hard to keep our smiling face up whenever we having a issue . They demand a full payment and expect me to get everything done in 12 days otherwise they will take a legal action on me and it is a final notice too.

It is impossible for me to get 3,000 MYR in 12 days, My current job can't even pay for it in 7 months salary.

Please help me out, I'm sure everyone have a soft spot in their heart. If you couldn't make a donation please share my Fundraising Campaign.

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