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Mise à jour publié par Fiona Demaret Le Sep 05

I spoke to the vet yesterday, the cause of Popsis' abdomen swelling was found. It was actually urine leaking into his body :-( ... one of his ureters (the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder) had been ruptured in the accident, which was not obvious at the time as there was no blood etc. The vet carried out emergency surgery to try to repair and reconstruct the tube. It was also found that Popsis had a bad kidney infection. Anyway, thanks to the effort and skill of the amazing vet team they managed to reconstruct his tube and start him on antibiotics straightaway for the infection.

So of course this extra operation which was very intricate and time consuming, comes at an extra cost. The vet clinic will very generously only require us to cover the basic cost of materials, so I have added another €200 onto the fundraising target. Donations have really dried up so I implore everyone to try to dig deep and help out, share this post around please. We have saved Popsis from being put to sleep in the first instance so we need to make sure he comes through this and is given a chance to thrive!

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