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A widow with 2 children needs your help urgently!
Mise à jour publié par Rose Angelova Le Jul 28

Good day, I am a widowed mother with 2 children. I appeal to all kind people to help me financially. We're to be evicted from our rented flat in 2 months time. I lost my job last September due to lockdowns and now we struggle to pay rent and buy food. My landlord will not give me more time or at least until I find another job. The shouting and threats are too much to bare, considering, we are still dealing with my husband's passing and its aftermath. I trying to find a job through my neighbors ,but since all job offers nowadays are requesting me to have my own car, which I don't have, opportunities were wasted . I don't have any living extended family. Now its just me, fighting for our survival. Friends come and go and in my situation, they simply vanished. I need to keep roof over our heads and for this reason, I am asking you for donations, so I can pay outstanding rent and buy cheap, secondhand car. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. If you are unable to donate, please share my post on social media. May God bless you all.

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