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Physio progress
Mise à jour publié par Ann Turvey Le Jul 14

Derick had his 11th physiotherapy session. Today’s focus was on dynamic standing and balance training. He can now stand up unaided from a sitting position. He is continuing to make excellent progress. Khun Tai has also started the process of helping Derick to learn to climb stairs again.

Derick's right arm is damaged, we are hoping that with therapy and time it will improve. At this stage it is too early to say what the prognosis will be. However his left arm is strong and fully functional.

Our aim is to have Derick walking unassisted with his cane and eventually climbing stairs in the next few therapy sessions.

Once again thank you to all who are involved in his recovery (you know who you are) 😊

Please continue to donate if you can.


Ann 😍

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