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Update - 02/02/21
Mise à jour publié par Evangelia Zorzou Le Feb 02

We would like to provide our followers and backers with an update;

we are now past the 1000 mark, (it may not show it here) we have several locals who have donated but where unable to use the GoGetfunding platform.

As a team we have decided to provide shade over the bowl, we have new design renders with a ruff plan of how this would look, again made from wood, and all with in the original budget.

As skaters we would like to provide anyone who does not understand the situation here in Santorini, with a small explanation. The local government does not support ventures that do not exclusively cater to tourism; not that we are complaining, this ideology provides us with flat streets and allows us to use school yards and some plazas as “street spots”. We are lucky in that we do not receive much trouble skating street spots here, although we also have a lot of cobble stone, thus not many spots. The relationship is complicated and although we both recognize and understand each other we do not fit with in the guide lines or acceptability of local government funding. This is why we have reached out for help further than Santorini.

We would like to deeply thank Greek skate/ surf/ recreation teams such as,
  • Screw Loose (@screwloosefc)
  • Little Paradise (@kimo.haito)
  • Santorini Surf and Sup (@beachbums)
  • Ministry of Concrete (@ministryofconcrete)

Along with every individual who has donated too, or shared our project;

your support is more than appreciated.

We have posted, photos of the new renders, as well as photos of our current Santorini Camping Mini Ramp, for every one to see what we as a small Santorini community have built and maintained for so long.

A BIG thank you to everyone!


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