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DON'T MISS OUT! Early Adopters Flocking To Panquake BETA
Mise à jour publié par Panquake Community Le Aug 07

Dear Community - this is your chance. Please grab it while you can!

Shape the Social Media future you want - applications are now open for the PANQUAKE ‘Team of 5,000’ Beta Users

Wow, great start guys - at last weekend's public delivery meeting we put out the first invite for BETA users, and applications came flooding in. So many of you are keen to work with us in the pre-launch phase, making sure Panquake is the best it can be, before we open it up for public use. To those very early adopters, woohoo, great to have you on board!

We are selecting BETA users now because we have almost completed our Phase 2 fundraising & then we’ll move into the 3rd & FINAL phase which will activate the BETA launch.

If you haven’t applied to be a BETA user yet and using an independent platform that doesn’t collect or sell your data matters to you (did we mention no paid advertising either?) then get in contact here. Successful applicants to the Team of 5,000 will become the first people in the WORLD to get to use the Panquake.com application. Your feedback will help us to polish Panquake into the gem we know it will be.

If, like us, you want to get your hands on Panquake NOW then push this project along faster by donating here and helping to spread the word about this vital next generation solution: bring your friends and family up to speed by sharing this opportunity via your usual channels.

It is such exciting times for us here at Panquake and we know so many of you are feeling the excitement too.

Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible journey and empowering our hardworking team to deliver Panquake into your waiting hands!

More soon,

- The Panquake Team


Does this mean there will be no Beta until you raise $500K?

Steven Greenberg

Mise à jour publié par Aug 08


What to do if you’re not selected after applying?

Vincent Germain

Mise à jour publié par Aug 07

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