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Panquake Delivery Phase - Are You Ready?
Mise à jour publié par Panquake Community Le Jun 01

Dear Panquake Community:

The batter is in the pan and that lovely warm cooking smell is permeating throughout the kitchen!

Thanks to YOU Panquake now has TEN full and part time paid staff working daily to bring you and everyone you love the delicious combination of panquakes and freedom!!!

And that tastiest of treats will be served up with a side of Talk Liberation TV!! What's TLTV?? Read through the following updates to find out!

The May Delivery Event

At last weekend's 4th consecutive public delivery event, Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson presented a mountain of recent technical achievements and progress on the Panquake build. Click here to see all the exciting new announcements to our Community as well as lots of geeky stuff for the tech-savvy!

In her introduction to the event Dawson said: "You're about to see unbelievable progress on the back end build of our application. The reason for that is because of the new hires in May that came from April's amazing fundraising. Those new hires and myself worked every minute of every day to push the development forward, while not cutting any corners! That's why for the first three weeks of May you didn't see much of me in independent media, because we were knuckling down and making sure that this build was pulling together and moving together as fast as possible.”

Speedy Progress Towards Delivery

The results of our team's efforts powered by your support has been spectacular. Because of this amazing people-powered collaboration, Panquake has recently begun showing its user interface and its development progress to a selection of media, influencers and endorsers. Their response? Thrilled by the design quality, excited and enthusiastic about the progress towards the delivery of the Beta.

At the delivery meeting, Dawson issued a major call to action for all Panquake supporters: help hit our current fundraising target by Saturday June 26th so that we can implement the Delivery Phase.

"Once our fundraiser hits 100%, we will be able to hire the remaining devs, we will be able to increase the velocity of our build, and we will be able to, even more excitingly, move into our third and final fundraising phase, which is Phase 3 - where we will be fundraising for the costs of releasing, marketing, and supporting our users in the Beta release. So the sooner we push this fundraiser right now to 100%, the sooner we move into the Delivery Phase for the Beta version of panquake.com!" Dawson said.

But wait, there's more!

Panquake Spreads Its Wings

Dawson also announced two major new ways that Panquake is going to serve its community and the world - Panquake is establishing investigative journalism platforms to provide global coverage of current affairs relevant to the Panquake community including Big Tech censorship, suppression, surveillance, freedom of speech and freedom of information!

Launching in June, Talk Liberation TV will be a weekly show hosted by the talented and popular independent journalist Taylor Hudak, who serves as Panquake's Digital Media Director. Every week we will publish a long form article on Panquake's Substack and follow it up with our weekly TV show, which will be uplaoded to a wide variety of video platforms.

Taking Us Global

Like our Community, the Panquake team is spread around the globe and is multilingual. We want our content to reflect that, so as part of our internationalization focus all of our digital content will be systematically translated by our foreign language team into:

* Spanish
* Portuguese
* German
* French
* Norwegian
…and eventually, other languages!

YOUR support is what is making this happen for everyone and YOUR support is what is going to push this fundraiser to 100% complete so that together we can move into the delivery phase.

Every effort you make counts, whether it’s donating or simply spreading the word!

We absolutely love hearing from you so please send us your thoughts, feedback, questions and ideas at [email protected] and as always, share this update to give others a glimpse at what is coming!

With our love and appreciation,

The Panquake Team

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