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25 November Update
Mise à jour publié par Ryan S Le Nov 25

We’re really sorry for the lack of updates, but it’s truly been a roller coaster ride since Jackie has come home last week. She is currently peeing with the help of a catheter, and we’re in the process of seeking opinions from other vets based on your recommendations on our options moving forward.

It’s honestly beyond our wildest dreams that she is still hanging on here with us, all the vets had told us to prepare for the worse, but it seems that Jackie isn’t ready to leave us yet. In the mean time we are truly thankful for your messages of encouragement, and the contacts for some vets whom we should speak to.

Will update again when we have a final recommendation on how to proceed.


Jackie is a strong-will baby. Jackie sweetie, everyone is rooting for you. Get well soon baby.

Shirley Soh

Mise à jour publié par Nov 29

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