Jan 18, 2021 at 07:14 pm

A newly abandoned only gray kitty

Update posted by Gabriella Bus

Sorry I was not active here, but I was very busy. I will try and bring more and more update here, too, not just on Facebook, because a lot going on.

She did not make it. :( Rest in peace little one!

She was abandoned at the cemetery not long time ago with other kitties. Yesterday I tried to catch her, when I got the other kitties, but I could not. She was very alerted and run away. I could not even go near to her.

So I took the other 4 kitties ( update later ) and left. Today when I went to feed them I could not find her. She was laying in her bed and I could listen on her breathing something was very wrong. I took her to the vet. What we could see she had pneumonia, even the xray was not very good, because she moved. For further tests we had no time. :(

The vet did not charge for her anything! Thank you!

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