Dec 22, 2020 at 06:51 pm

Update on all

Update posted by Gabriella Bus

I think I forgot to share here many updates. Please, forgive me, but there is a huge problem at the cemetery with parvo and bartonella.

First picture is Kalua, who was abandoned at the cemetery, when she was a small baby. She will travel to Germany in January and from there my friend Sabine will take her to Switzerland, where a family is waiting her.

On the second picture the boy, who fought a week against parvo and anemia, but unfortunately he lost. :(

I paid Kalua's sterelization, tests, passport, so she can fly in January, bought 24 good worming pill for small cats and the other bill is for the kitty, who was with parvo at the vet, but unfortunately passed away.

I ordered disinfectants to spray at the cemetery for parvo and for the flees!!!

In 11 - 12 years I had no so much problem with bartonella, than now. Spot ons are not enough, the ground must be sprayed!

I ordered a huge bottle antibiotic, only this one will cost 110 euros, to be able to treat more and more cats in the cemetery, too, because they are infecting the other colonies, parking and main gate, too.

In January, when vaccination is back want to order minimumn 150, too, to vaccinate the cats at the cemetery!

Please, who can donate, do it!!! The cats need your help!!! I can't do it alone!

Please, share my fundraiser to reach more people! The cats need serious help!!!!

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