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Thank you all!
Mise à jour publié par Rochelle Kelley Le Oct 08

I just wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of support I have received! With your help, I have retained Dan Hynes as my attorney. I’m sure this will be a long battle but we will fight this to the end. My next court date is November 2, 2020. As of right now it’s a telephonic court date
Sharing this fundraiser far and wide would be super helpful. Share it in all of your freedom and liberty minded groups, share it in your mainstream groups, share it everywhere!! Not only to help me get the money I’ll need to fight this all the way through. But to also let people know that there are people willing to stand up and fight back against these tyrannical orders. We aren’t the minority, we’re just not the loudest and we need to get loud! We need to be heard to get our freedom back!!
Thank each and every one of you so much, from the bottom of my heart!! I will continue to share updates as frequently as I receive them.