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Meow is back home
Mise à jour publié par Louise Berner Le Oct 06

Last week she was back home. A lot of prescribed medication was in her bag..😂..mostly vitamins now

She was thankful that this is over with and thank everbody for their support

A follow up with new test for cancer will be done at Chonburi Cancer Hospital on thursday 8 of october.

Hopefully it will come back negativ. She just want to go back to normal as much as she can. Donations has been made..helped her during this non working time...without it she wouldn't been able to have the second treatment done..

Your help has been the best medicin she sais...

Ahead now is to finish up the second-hand shop where she will sell second-hand clothes and things. There will also be a rice selling shop under this roof

Meaning is to make this a small business but will help her running her sanctuary with food, medication, water and electric

So..you are still welcome (will always be) to donate second-hand things to her shop in SaKaeo. Adress in SaKaeo will be provided, until that you can drop off in pattaya, thepprasit 5..call 0886 530524 (english, little bit thai speaking)

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