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Long Journey Ahead
Mise à jour publié par Isabella Onggowijaya Le Dec 12

Update: I started another set of chemo rounds as per oncologist advise. This is due to the fact that I was on Stage 3 Metastatic Carcinoma Breast Cancer with my HER-2 being positive. Right now there are still little lumps, grain like appearance tumors that came out after surgery. I can’t have anymore surgery to get rid of but definitely need to start cycles of chemotherapy again. This sort of news have been hitting me pretty hard and everyday I felt no closer to getting better. I don’t know how to uplift myself, every night I am just tearing up and frustrated to the point where I felt like I was depressed. I will post a video soon to update everyone on what’s going on once I am able enough to move without getting out of breath. Stay tuned..


Sending you a lot of love Bella. I hope everyday universe gives you the strength to fight this and beat it.

Pouya Ghadrdan

Mise à jour publié par Dec 12

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