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Help us pay off the club sailboat and experience sailing in Croatia in return!
Mise à jour publié par Zadar Adventure Le Sep 11

We are a small nonprofit organisation promoting sustainable watersports.

As a sport club we bought a sailboat to use for club races, sailing&SUP tours for public during summer season, enviromental-friendly actions and generally promoting off-the-grid and sustainable living on board..

The COVID-19 restrictions and crisis has left us without the power for financing and closing the deal with the boat seller. The payoff contract expires at the end of this year and we are short for an amount of money.

Please help us get enough funds to pay off our sailboat and in return we will take you on an sailing experience into Zadar Archipelago that you will remember for the rest of your life!

For donation of 100euros we will take you for a fun daysailing tour around islands of Zadar Archipelago where you will SUP, snorkel, swim and explore the local food and wine. For 70euros you will enjoy sailing into the beautiful Zadar Sunset, chilling on board with a glass of wine.

For 1000 euros we will take you and your crew sailing for a weekend. For bigger amounts, we will arrange an cruising week!

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