Mises à jour activées Toby’s Medical Expenses

Mise à jour publié par Samantha Webster Le Sep 03

EDIT/UPDATE 1: He is staying a 2nd night at the hospital. I will need your help now more than ever. He is not in a life-threatening condition, but it is becoming more and more clear that he will need surgery.

***I would like to thank everybody that has donated so far from the bottom of my heart, I cannot express how helpful this is. You have all been extremely generous, and I am eternally grateful***

That said, I still need help. I’ve covered roughly $700 of this bill, which is only a portion, but at this point I am collecting funds for his surgery. Thank you all again for sharing/interacting with this post, and of course for your donations. Toby and I owe you his life, and my sanity.

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