Aug 19, 2020 at 12:42 pm

Emergency Aid & Rebuilding Lives

Update posted by Imane Assaf

We have been on the ground every single day since this catastrophe struck.

We have so many beutiful hearted volunteers and we still need more. but every one is working so hard.

we continue to clean and restore the streets the best we can but our primary focus is now helping those that are in a desperate situation. We are assisting finding temporary accommodation for many of the homeless. we are working with the elderly and infirm to help restore and repair as much of their homes as possible while bringing bring them security and reassurance.

We are distributing food and clothing to the most needy as well as continuing to receive donations we are redistributing all ew have before the next supplies arrive.

we have teams of glazers, carpenters and builders on the ground repainring and rebuilding peoples lives.

We cannot believe the generosity and kindndess from everyone but more than anything it is the resilience and spirit of the victims that continue to fight for their survival.

Together we are all. stronger, together we will rebuild our country.

please continue to share our links as we need to raise as much money as we can to help the Vicyims as without us there is no one to help them.

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