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Food 4 Hope
Mise à jour publié par Jerry Lukendo M Mparha Le Jun 18

Ristrictions of right to work across Uganda, has generated a cycle of poverty caused by Covd-19 pandemic. This health crisis has put many vulnerable people and particularly refugees in a disastrous state hence increases the dependancy syndrome amidst them. With your donations, 70 households today were provided food and non food items, giving a total number of 277 household receipients of food and non food items. Refugee lives were changed and relieved. As we express our gratitude and thanks for the kind donations, we still come and extend our hands for more support because the demand of food remains high and the health crisis is not soon reducing its expansion.

Thank you once again to all of you for being there in difficult times like these to supporter and donate as much as you did in order to have this campaign a success.

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