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OneYouth OneHeart Stop Spread Covid-19 Project
Mise à jour publié par Jerry Lukendo M Mparha Le Apr 19

Thank you to everyone who donated money for this campaign to be a success. At OneYouth OneHeart Initiative, we are taking the lead and distribute food items in terms of 10 kg of Maize Flour and hand soap per house hold. Sanitizers are distributed in terms of mobile money cash transfer. A total of 107 house hold were given food and hand cleaning items. Just imagine if all you have is flour, it does not go very far but our beneficiaries (women) looked at it as a miracle from God. Uganda has announced on the 14th of April 2020, the extension of the lock down for more other 21 days, meaning for many urban poor, including refugees who are already condemned to languish in their homes will continue to starve for the following 21 days.

We are calling upon all well wishers across the globe to support our campaign through donations. Any donation makes a very big different in lives of refugees and gives back hope to the already starving refugee families. For anyone willing to donate, please do so by following us on: https://gogetfunding.com/oyoh_initiative_stop_spread_covid-19/ and share it widely in your network. For more information on the emergency food distribution activity undertaken, please click on the following link.

Watch Valeria and Safi expressing their joyousness and appreciation for the emergency food support they received.

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