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Day 5 Total: 5,500
Mise à jour publié par Angelo Valencia Le Apr 04

Day 5 was another fun and amazing day for our fundraising campaign. Donations from our good friends and family just keep on coming.

Below is the summary of our total running expenses:

1. Face shield 35 x 30 = 1050

2. PPE suit 325.75 x 30 = 9772.50

Total payment : 10, 822. 50 (For now, our supplier is capable of producing 30 PPEs which is set to be delivered by May). We will keep on trying to order for more PPEs once they give the go signal.

Special thanks to the following people for their significant contributions. Your good deeds will never be forgotten. More blessings to come in exchange of your kindness and generosity.

1. Mark Ryan Mendiola

2. Ben Villegas



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