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CD is appealing his "Guilty" verdict!
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CD was released on bail from prison on April 30, 2021 after serving two months in jail for standing against the medical transitioning of our children. He still "owes" the Court four months in prison and a $30,000.00 fine. CD has now challenged the guilty verdict and is set to appeal with new criminal appeals lawyer Vincent LaRochelle. CD is challenging the entire conviction because he believes Canadian parents should not be charged criminally for standing by their God given, unalienable parental rights to protect their children. Please continue to support CD as he fights against this conviction which has set a legal precedent in Canada. This precedent will devastate parental rights not only for all Canadians, but will have far reaching effects on all parents and all children around the world. CD faces huge legal costs, none of which he can afford, as he is NOT represented by a pro bono lawyer offering free services. In contrast, the Attorney General of British Columbia has unlimited tax payer funds at his disposal in which to prosecute and persecute CD. CD is due back in the BC Court of Appeal sometime in the autumn of 2021. CD's lawyer has promised some big wins!


Bravo CD! We stand with you!

David & Deborah Dombrowski

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Has Satan taken Canada over also?

Robert Scott

Mise à jour publié par Aug 20

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