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Mise à jour publié par Jose Moreno Le Mar 24

Hello everyone, hope your families are doing fine during this terrible world situation. I wanted to post an update about my mom. Right now we are all in quarantine, we've been like that for the past 8 days as our country has been in lockdown since then, my mom couldn't get the treatments she was receiving and the only way she can get out is if she does the surgery soon as that's the only reason the government would let her get to the hospital apart from Coronavirus symptoms. She was getting better but without the treatment right now we are expecting the worse as her condition is going through that path, I don't feel comfortable sharing this but as you have supported us and as I have no other choice now I need to tell it. So I am resuming the campaign to see if anyone there could help us, I understand if you can't because right now everyone is in needs and people are dying because of this virus but, still if any help can be gotten it would be really appreciated. We are still going for the same goal as that's still the amount we need for surgery and also quarantine as she can't get home anymore after that until the virus situation is controlled. Thanks to everybody and to everyone who sees this, hope you can share it too as we need any help as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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