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Pălatca Camp in Pălatca?... You can help!
Mise à jour publié par Martin Florin Codoba Le Jul 07

Dear friends, acquaintances, everyone who appreciates Pălatca music!

I am happy to update you with good news!

I never thought my dream could come true so soon! With your help and the lucky development of events, I managed to buy my parental house in Pălatca, where my father, Martin Codoba and our family lived between 1969 and 1990, where a lot of great music was played and many music collections were recorded.

It is in a quiet, beautiful location and it has a large garden.

I am overly happy and grateful for all your support! Without your donations, I would not have succeeded.

My plan is to organize small folk music and dance camps in Pălatca, where we can gather around live music played by Pălatca Village Band and by everyone who wants to join us.

It might work out by next summer!

Since the house itself is unfortunately in a poor condition, there is a lot to improve on it. I would love to complete the following:

  • roof replacement
  • replacement of doors and windows
  • floor replacement
  • install water line from the street to the house
  • painting
  • arrange a memorial room for old Palatka musicians

Later, once the house is renovated:

  • build outdoor dance hall, gazebo
  • build camp showers

If you would support me in my plan, I would appreciate any kind of help - be it financial or any other contribution (e.g. building materials).

It is hard to resume life after the epidemic, but I have big plans:

I would like my sons Florinel and Marius to be proud of their Codoba heritage; I would also like the Pălatca villagers to proudly carry on their traditions and I wish to provide a cultural venue for this.

Thank you very much for any help and I look forward to seeing you in Pălatca!

Codoba Martin Florin


Online on the page of the campaign: gogetfunding.com/palatca

PayPal: [email protected]

Wire transfer (with a note: "Memorial house"l): Martin Codoba, BRD Cluj Napoca


Picture - Windows

Picture - Room

Picture - Contract

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