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The site Has been Refreshed/Replicated !
Mise à jour publié par Arjun Prasad Pandey Le Nov 11

Namaste Everyone !

Today we replicate the site, Because the system doesn't allow us to use paypal account linked not more than 120 days. and which is the only option we used for the collection of fund.

Site is functioning but the past donors and the amount is no more seen. I would like to mention it here manually

Till today The total amount donated is $866 from 9 Donors and they are Michael Unrath, Sharon T., Andrew Tuckey, Jude Cathcart, Terri Marshall, Jasmine Aquilina, Dina Bof, Sara Niforatos And Mark Sinclair We once again thanks them for their contribution.

Thank You for your understanding and support !


Principal of the school

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