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UPDATE: MAY 8, 2019 DAY 19
Mise à jour publié par April Royce Placito Le May 08

Another day to battle with but praise the Lord for a new hope. Tatay is still conscious, he gets to sleep, eat through NGT, and respond to questions quickly by nodding his head. Though his potassium went down 2 days ago, he's already stable as of the moment. Hemoglobin went below normal rate as well yesterday, but he was able to undergo blood transfusion last night bringing his hemoglobin back to its normal rate.

Still, his pneumonia is being treated with a higher dosage already after a week of medication. Furthermore, he's still intubated and on ventilator.

We would like to thank those who have helped us through this battle, to our family and friends, and including those anonymous individuals who shared their blessings by helping us financially through our fundraising campaign online and through social media.

As we are still battling against ALS, we are humbly asking your generous hearts for any amount that you can extend as it will be a great help for us to trim down our struggles to pay for the hospital bill which is running 500K now. We are very much open as well to prayers and intentions for his fast recovery.

Thank you very much!

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