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Days 2 and 3 - 65.7miles completed!
Mise à jour publié par Katie Longhurst Le May 04

Day 2 update:

34 kilometers (21.4 miles ) : I left Oyugis at dawn and headed to Sikir where I found a lady who had given birth 3 days ago and there was no-one to help her carry the water into the house so I had to help her carry her 9 jericans of water to her house , she offered me a glass of water and piece of bread .

From sikri I headed to Otholo where I had a break before heading to Chabela where I had a break eat 2 bananas before passing by the school that was by the road where i spent 20mins as part of my break too with the kids before proceeding to my final destination Sondu. Eloim I need you in this walk for my soul is in your hands .

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