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SO CLOSE TO 1K! Help Me Get There & Buzz Off Ana's Hair!
Mise à jour publié par Nina Mariella Macapinlac Le May 03

Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for helping me reach $895! That's super amazing and I really appreciate everyone's help. I am so excited to join the ILPS US Delegation to the ILPS 6th International Assembly!

My dear kasama, friend and trusted barber Ana Patricia will let me (as well as anyone else who donates $25 or more) shave her head if my fundraiser hits $1000! This will of course be recorded with audience participation 😂 Also, if you are among the next 5 people to give $40 or more, you can get a fresh cut from her!


Give $25 or more and you can help me shave off Ana’s hair!

Be among the next 5 people to give 40 dollars or more and get a fresh cut! Trash bag may or may not be included.

Venmo @ninamacapinlac or donate below 👇


Thank you, everyone!


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